Walmart Announces Acquisition of 4,500 Canoo Electric Delivery Vehicles for Expanding eCommerce Operations

Walmart, a leading multinational retail corporation, has finalized an agreement with Canoo, a high-tech advanced mobility company, to acquire 4,500 all-electric delivery vehicles, with the option to purchase up to 10,000 units commencing with the Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV).

This significant partnership supports Walmart’s commitment to sustainable practices and its aim to achieve zero emissions by 2040. The LDV, designed for last-mile deliveries, is expected to hit the roads in 2023, with initial testing and refining to take place in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Walmart’s Expansion of Last-Mile Delivery Fleet:

The inclusion of Canoo’s electric vehicles will bolster Walmart’s last-mile delivery operations, empowering its associates to fulfill online orders, including groceries, general merchandise, and potentially supporting Walmart GoLocal, the retailer’s delivery-as-a-service business. By integrating Canoo’s unique and sustainable all-electric technology, Walmart aims to provide its associates with safe and ergonomic delivery vehicles while enhancing customers’ access to same-day deliveries.

The LDV: Engineered for Sustainable Last-Mile Deliveries:

Canoo’s Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV) is an American-made commercial electric vehicle meticulously optimized for sustainable last-mile delivery scenarios. Built on Canoo’s proprietary multi-purpose platform (MPP) architecture, the LDV seamlessly integrates critical driving components such as motors and battery modules. With its last-mile delivery-optimized cabin and customizable cargo space, the LDV offers advanced features including true steer-by-wire technology, enabling enhanced driver ergonomics and improved road visibility through a panoramic window.

Tony Aquila, Investor, Chairman, and CEO of Canoo, expressed pride in being selected by Walmart, emphasizing the LDV’s winning algorithm that combines the maneuverability of a small passenger vehicle with the payload and cargo space of a commercial delivery vehicle. Aquila highlighted Walmart’s expansive store network as a strategic advantage for meeting growing demands for immediate deliveries, particularly in the context of rising fuel costs.

Collaboration and Job Creation:
Canoo’s partnership with Walmart builds upon its existing commitments in Arkansas, with Bentonville serving as Canoo’s headquarters and Pryor, Oklahoma as the site for U.S. manufacturing. This collaboration enables real-time innovation and strengthens the development of manufacturing and technology jobs in the surrounding communities.

Walmart’s definitive agreement with Canoo to acquire 4,500 Canoo electric delivery vehicles marks a significant step toward enhancing the company’s eCommerce operations and achieving sustainability goals. By expanding its last-mile delivery fleet with Canoo’s innovative technology, Walmart remains committed to providing customers and Walmart+ members with convenient access to same-day deliveries while keeping costs low. The collaboration between Walmart and Canoo signifies a promising step forward in the pursuit of eco-friendly solutions within the retail industry.

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