“2022 was a huge year for EV’s” Tesla Sends appreciation and recap to supports and employees:

Quick recap from TESLA :

  • Expanded the Supercharger network to all 50 US states & reached 40k Superchargers total worldwide
  • Opened the Supercharger network to non-Tesla EVs in 15 European countries
  • Started Model Y deliveries from our factories in Berlin-Brandenburg & Texas! 🇩🇪🇺🇸
  • Published our third Impact Report → tesla.com/impact
  • Model Y & Model 3 ranked as the most American-made vehicles 🇺🇸
  • Model Y & Model S received 5 stars & the highest overall weighted safety scores from Euro NCAP under the current protocol
  • Shipped 87 new major features in 11 over-the-air software updates 📶
  • Made our 2 millionth vehicle at our factories in Fremont & Nevada
  • Launched Plaid Track Mode for maximum fun & zoomies 🏁
  • Hosted our second AI Day & introduced Tesla Bot to the world 🤖
  • Launched two new colors for Model Y in Europe—Quicksilver & Midnight Cherry Red, both made at Giga Berlin
  • Opened Megafactory, our new Megapack factory in Lathrop, CA—capable of producing 10k Megapack units/year 🔋
  • Delivered our first Tesla Semis!
  • Published the North American Charging Standard, opening our EV connector design to the world 🔌
  • Launched Tesla Electric in Texas—enabling Powerwall owners to generate, use & export sustainable energy to power their homes ⚡️
  • Continued to ramp vehicle production at Giga Texas & Giga Berlin, with both building 3k Model Y/week in mid-December
  • Reached 500k+ Solar Panel & Solar Roof installations 🏘⚡️
  • Enabled anyone in North America who has purchased FSD to request FSD Beta, reaching 285k cars total
  • Achieved a record output of 4680 cells, with total amount of cells produced in one week equaling 1k+ cars
  • Broke the Beetle’s 1969 record for most sold car in Norway with Model Y
  • To be continued in 2023 ✌️
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