Blink Charging Signs Agreement with Bosch as Official EV Charging Solutions Provider for GM Dealerships, Advancing EV Adoptions in Latin America

Blink to provide charging stationsto GM dealerships in Mexicothrough Bosch GM Dealer Equipment Program | SOURCE |

Miami Beach, FL, Dec. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK, BLNKW) (“Blink”), a leading designer, manufacturer and owner-operator of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and services, today announced a collaborative agreement with Bosch as its official EV charger provider for General Motors dealerships in Mexico to deploy the Blink IQ 200 family of charging products and services.

“We are excited to collaborate with Bosch to offer industry-leading equipment and our robust Blink Network to GM and help advance vehicle electrification in Mexico and throughout Latin America,” said Michael D. Farkas, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Blink Charging. “As the LatAm EV market continues to develop, we look forward to our continued cooperative relationship with Bosch to provide state-of-the-art EV charging solutions.”

Blink is currently a member in the Bosch GM Dealer Equipment Program, the most comprehensive program for workshop equipment in the market. The program aims to broaden the products offered and improve cost effectiveness for GM after sales services. This agreement will focus on providing the charging infrastructure needed by GM dealerships as EV sales continues to grow in Mexico, with potential to expand the program as the electric mobility market advances throughout Latin America. 

“The technological advances of the automotive industry are moving at a rapid and dynamic pace, to meet that progress, Bosch is always adapting its portfolio and vision,” said Agustin Tessio, Regional Sales Manager at Bosch México. “We put our trust in Blink as a strategic regional partner to join our GM Dealer Equipment Program to accompany us in this evolution, offering the highest levels of hardware and software in the market”

As a part of this agreement, Blink participated in the after sales summit “3er Seminario Postventa2022,” organized by GM’s Dealers Association that took place in Cancun, Mexico in November to provide first-hand knowledge of Blink’s products and services as well as explore new business opportunities for its dealerships such as installing Blink IQ 200 units as commercial chargers with public access.

The Blink IQ 200 family of chargers include both the smart and advanced chargers. These are fast Level 2 charger, producing 80 amps of output, providing approximately 65 miles of charge in an hour of charging session and operated on the all-new Blink Network, capable of charging any battery-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. The IQ 200s are deployable in a myriad of configurations, from wall mount, pole mount, and pedestal mounts. The plug-and-play design of the units allows for easy swap-out of the charger, making maintenance and any repairs a breeze.

About Blink Charging 

Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK, BLNKW), a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment, has deployed nearly 59,000 charging ports across 25 countries, many of which are networked EV charging stations, enabling EV drivers to easily charge at any of Blink’s charging locations worldwide. Blink’s principal line of products and services includes the Blink EV charging network (“Blink Network”), EV charging equipment, EV charging services, and the products and services of recent acquisitions, including SemaConnect, Blue Corner and BlueLA. The Blink Network uses proprietary, cloud-based software that operates, maintains, and tracks the EV charging stations connected to the network and the associated charging data. With global EV purchases forecasted to rise to 10 million vehicles by 2025 from approximately 2 million in 2019, Blink has established key strategic partnerships for rolling out adoption across numerous location types, including parking facilities, multifamily residences and condos, workplace locations, health care/medical facilities, schools and universities, airports, auto dealers, hotels, mixed-use municipal locations, parks and recreation areas, religious institutions, restaurants, retailers, stadiums, supermarkets, and transportation hubs. For more information, please visit

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