Mullen expected to deliver first shipment of I-GOs on DECEMBER 20th.

Earlier this year, Mullen disclosed that the I-GO is European Union (EU) standard approved and “ready for sale” in the U.K., Germany, Spain, France and Ireland. See Mullens PR HERE.

Investors please note that Mullen appears to be delivering the initial testing units of the I-GO on Dec. 20 and not the 500-vehicles-per-year purchase order.

Last month Mullen Automotive entered an agreement with Newgate motor group. The agreement appoints Newgate to become its sales, marketing, and distribution & servicing agent for the upcoming I-GO. Mullen and Newgate will also enter into a dealer agreement that will “encompass sales training, service training, flooring, parts, warranty, and similar matters that an OEM would typically provide to its dealers.”

The dealer agreement will solidify the terms in which Newgate will purchase 500 vehicles per year. It will also address the terms in which Newgate purchases the first units of the I-GO for demonstration and testing.


Expected delivery date for the Mullen I-GO samples is Dec. 20, 2022. As mentioned by Mullen in their press release.

The I-GO will be a major milestone for Mullen Automotive as it will be the first vehicle on the roads.

The I-GO will join Mullen’s current commercial vehicle lineup, which includes Class 1 and 2 EV cargo vans. Mullen recently made a majority acquisition of Bollinger Motors, whose portfolio includes Class 3 through Class 6 commercial vehicles. In addition to securing the exclusive sales, distribution, and branding rights for the I-GO for Spain, France, Germany, the U.K., and Ireland, the Company entered into an asset purchase agreement to acquire all assets of Electric Last Mile Solutions, Inc. and Electric Last Mile, Inc. (“ELMS”) from the ELMS Bankruptcy Estates.

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