NIO Center|Aojiang, Pingyang set to open December 18th

“On December 18, NIO CenterPingyang Aojiang officially opened, and we look forward to meeting you and me.” – Nio User & Representative


Southeast Zhejiang has a long and winding coastline. If it is compared to a pearl necklace, then Pingyang is the dazzling pearl on the necklace. In Pingyang, Wenzhou, you can appreciate the colorful natural beauty, including the verdant expanse of Nanyandang Mountain, the blue sea and sky of Nanji Islands, one of the “Top Ten Beautiful Islands in China”, accompanied by warm golden sunshine all year round and full of revolutionary atmosphere. red memory.


Pingyang is also a peaceful place full of cultural heritage and development vitality. In this land with a history of more than 1,700 years, countless literati stars were born, and their drama, martial arts, and chess culture have far-reaching influence. In addition, Pingyang is also known as a “strong county of private economy”. Through continuous development and growth, it has formed a century-old commercial port on the banks of the Aojiang River. Today, there will be new development opportunities and lifestyles here.


Weilai Center|Aojiang, Pingyang, with the theme of “Sunshine Island”, fully demonstrates the style and features of Pingyang’s ancient city with a thousand-year culture. We have also turned the Cow House into a gathering space full of the atmosphere of the sunny coast, which complements the local life style of Pingyang, and pays tribute to this economically strong county with eternal youth and vitality in the way of NIO.

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