NIO Center|Shazhou Lake in Zhangjiagang Is Opening Tomorrow


Zhangjiagang, located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, is a treasure land formed by the alluvial sediment of the Yangtze River in ancient times, so it was called “Sand Bar” in ancient times. It has rare fertile land and dense and deep natural harbors. It is a natural treasure land suitable for production, business and living. As early as more than 6,000 years ago, the ancestors of Majiabang lived here, and the heritage of Gusu has been passed down to this day. Today’s Zhangjiagang has implemented its concept of building an ecologically civilized city to the end.

On the banks of the Shazhou Lake in the central area of the city, it has been built into an ecological corridor full of hydrological charm and infinite vitality and a gathering place for merchants. The business circles are gathered and the business types are gathered together, making this place the focus of attention. Here you can breathe fresh air, appreciate the greenery, and experience an unprecedented comfortable life.

The first NIO Center in Zhangjiagang will open soon in Jinmao Lanxiu City by the Shazhou Lake. We will create an urban living room full of Zhangjiagang’s local characteristics here, hoping to build a space that tastes the local vigor and vitality through careful design and ingenuity, and continue Shazhou’s joyful lifestyle for thousands of years.

On December 23, NIO Center|Shazhou Lake in Zhangjiagang officially opened. We look forward to meeting you and me.

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