NIO DAY, What is it ? Reflecting On NIO’s Past Yearly Events

NIO Day is NIO’s most important annual event. Throughout the years NIO has introduce its newest models and innovations. It is at this event, the company makes major announcements concerning new vehicles, service offerings and other strategic activities, including international expansion. The event will be live-streamed on its website and the Nio App.

Reflecting on Past NIO Days :

In 2014 of November NIO was founded and unveiled its first EV on the same day. The EP9 electric hypercar.


In 2017 The first NIO Day was held in Beijing on December 16, 2017. At the event, the electric vehicle company launched the ES8, which became the company’s first production model.

2018 NIO DAY was held in Shanghai on December 16 where the EV company launched the ES6. About 10,000 of the EV company’s users and fans participated in this event.


On December 28, 2019, Shenzhen hosted the NIO Day 2019 event, where the EC6 was launched. The theme for the event was “Believe in Better.” The theme was an ode to the company’s trials and tribulations experienced in 2019.NIO faced was the company’s financial report for Q2 2019. NIO reported a loss of $478.6 million during Q2 2019 due to reduced sales of its electric SUV, the ES8. This resulted in the electric vehicle company only generating $219.7 million in revenue, a 7.5% decrease from Q1 2019.

Due to Covid 2020’s NIO DAY was moved from the end of 2020 to beginning of January. The event was in Chengdu and was themed “Always Forward.”

At the event, NIO launched the following:

  • The company’s first-ever sedan, the ET7
  • A 150kWh battery pack compatible with all its models
  • A 2nd generation swap station
  • NT2.0, an autonomous driving technology platform

Last year, 2021 the annual event was on December 18, with the theme “Hello World.” The theme highlighted their expansion into the European market, with sales beginning in Norway. The EV carmaker unveiled its new sedan, the ET5.

NIO DAY 2021 was all about NIO’s expansion into Europe. Read about NIO DAY BERLIN 2022 below.

This year 2022 NIO DAY BERLIN kicked off. The theme for the event was “New Horizon.” Where NIO released 3 new models to the European Market : 

  • ET7 – an electric sedan
  • ET5 – an electric sedan
  • EL7 – an electric SUV


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