Polestar Releases Special Edition Electric Bike

Polestar teamed up with electric motorcycles and moped manufacturer CAKE to offer a limited edition Polestar edition Makka electric moped, now available in the U.S.


Polestar, a Swedish company that makes premium electric vehicles for several markets, including North America, partnered with CAKE to unveil a new limited Polestar edition Makka electric moped. It will be its first electric moped available in The United States.


The first CAKE Makka Polestar edition was launched in 2021 and was available exclusively in a Polestar Snow matte color. It sold out instantly. This new limited-edition Makka will boast a sky color in a nod to the exterior color of the first Polestar electric roadster concept.

Riders will enjoy a top speed of 28 mph and two ride modes, one for balanced performance and one for extended range. Mixed city riding should see a range of about 34 miles, and the moped is street-legal. While being sold and delivered by CAKE, the Polestar edition is now available exclusively in select Polestar markets using the Polestar Additional webshop. It retails for $5,300 and is available in the U.S., Canada and more.


EV EDITION is impressed and supportive of Polestars partner with cake because they provide an all around mobility solution with a sleek and modern design. The price isn’t too bad and these vehicles help ease traffic problems caused by cars. The electric moped is definitely a special edition !

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