Previewed as an electric four-door, four-seat convertible, the Fisker Ronin :


The Ronin will be a new nameplate for the Fisker brand and it’s expected to debut in August of 2023 with production starting in the second half of 2024.

IMAGE CREDIT : caranddriver

Project Ronin will be the world’s first all-electric, four-door convertible, GT Sports Car.

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Fisker intends to increase the number of electric cars it offers by adding the Ronin, a four-door, four-seat convertible. According to the manufacturer, the model would have “the longest range for a production EV in the world,” and a new digital depiction provides us a clearer look at it.

The computer-generated preview image, which was posted on the official Fisker website, depicts a convertible with a futuristic-looking front end that is distinguished by a light strip made up of individual LEDs. For an electric vehicle, the lack of a grille is expected, but it appears that designers cut air vents into the lower portion of the front bumper. Massive wheels and front doors with a McLaren-like dihedral lend intensity to the design. The mechanism for the back doors is unknown.

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