Tesla Megapack, About, Features, & Pricing :

Megapack enables low-cost, high-density commercial and utility projects at large scale. It ships ready to install with fully integrated battery modules, inverters, and thermal systems.

9.6 MWPower | 19.3 MWhEnergy

Estimated Price $10,689,370

Subject to change, taxes not included

Est. Annual Maintenance :$27,570 Price escalates at 2% per year

Product Details

2 Hour Duration

  1. Power & Energy: 1,927 kW / 3,854 kWh per Megapack
  2. Round Trip Efficiency: 92.0%

4 Hour Duration

  1. Power & Energy: 970 kW / 3,916 kWh per Megapack
  2. Round Trip Efficiency: 93.5%


  1. Interconnection: 480V AC 3 phase
  2. Dimensions: W 359 in, D 65 in, H 110
  3. Weight: 83,996 lbs max
  4. Ratings and Certifications: IP66, UL 1973 / 9540 / 9540A / 1741


Tesla Megapack is a high-capacity battery system designed and manufactured by Tesla, Inc. It is intended for use in large-scale energy storage projects, such as those that store electricity generated by renewable energy sources (e.g., solar panels or wind turbines) for later use. The Megapack is designed to be modular and scalable, allowing it to be customized to meet the specific needs of a given project. It can be used in a variety of applications, including balancing intermittent renewable energy generation, deferring transmission and distribution investments, and providing grid services. The Megapack is also equipped with advanced energy management software that allows it to optimize energy flow and performance

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