Did you know NIO And NVDIA are partners ?

Electric vehicle pioneer NIO has been working with NVIDIA since 2014, first on infotainment systems, and now on software-defined vehicles and automated driving features. Today, they’re redefining mobility with the NVIDIA DRIVE® platform and unified compute architecture of DRIVE Orin™. NVIDIA DRIVE enables personalization and ongoing enhancements throughout the life of the car, delivering enhanced customer value and opening up new business models.

NIO is building next-generation software-defined vehicles with AI technology that spans from the cloud to the car. With NVIDIA GPUs, NIO develops and deploys scalable AI networks in the data center, achieving an increased model development efficiency of 20x. Learn how NIO deploys these networks in the vehicle, leveraging the high-performance compute of NVIDIA DRIVE Orin to run models simultaneously and in real time. The result is a software-defined architecture that can continually improve, with new features developed in the data center and uploaded to the vehicle over the air.

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