Google releases HD maps for vehicles; the first two to integrated are Volvo and Polestar

Today, Google unveiled an HD version of their automobile mapping service.

Google’s HD map, in contrast to Google Maps, is a supplemental layer of data that is provided to the car’s L2+ or L3 assisted driving systems via Google Automotive Services.

Additional information is overlaid on Google Maps data and provides details such as precise lane markings and the location of objects (traffic signs) tohelp assistive vehicles find their way-on the road. Drivers cannot directly display or access HD maps or data. At this time, it’s not clear if the driver willeven be able to tell if the vehicle isusing his HD mapping, but it would likely enhance the vehicle’s driving assistance capabilities.

HD mapping will initially focus onbusy roads such as highways, according to a Google spokesperson, though the spokesperson didn’t specify exactly which cities or highways. They say Google is workingwith automakers to identify where HD maps are most useful.

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