NIO becomes a core member of CharIN.

NIO is looking forward to becoming an active member of the EV ecosystemand to contribute to the advancement of e-mobility with its products, services and innovative technologies. Joining the CharIN platform offers NIO the opportunity to interact with other industry partners of the EV charging ecosystem from Europe and all over the world to ensure end to end compatibility, promote interoperability, and strive to a better user experience.


“We are delighted to join CharIN as a core member in 2023. User-friendliness, innovative technology and an active community are the most important pillars for NIOs success. Our aim is to inspire users with convenient and advanced charging solutions, such as our battery swap stations.”

Hui Zhang, NIO Vice President Europe

NIO provides a complete power service system with chargeable, swappable and upgradeable power solutions. At the core of the power solution are NIOs Power Swap Stations, which allow swapping in a new battery in under 5 minutes. In addition, NIO will also build and operate High Power charging stationsat these locations to ensure best possible charging experience.

“As a premium manufacturer of electric vehicles, we continue to drive the company’s global expansion. This year, we are bringing our products and comprehensive service system to customers in several European markets, the largest of which is Germany. With our innovative approach, which includes an integrated solution of charging and battery swapping options, we want to contribute to the mobility and energy transition in Europe. Therefore, we are very pleased to become part of the CharIN network,”

Hui Zhang, NIO Vice President Europe

NIO operates company sites, R&D centers and production facilities in Shanghai, Hefei, Beijing, Nanjing, San Jose, Munich, Oxford and other locations. After entering the market in Norway in 2021 and Germany in October 2022, NIO will enter other European markets and will expand its own network of charging and Power Swap Stations in Europe. | SOURCE |

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