NIO X The Wandering Earth 2|Following Hope, Let’s Go Home Together | FILM |

The movie “The Wandering Earth 2”
Adapted from the novel of the same name by Liu Cixin
Directed by Guo Fan, Produced by Liu Cixin
Wu Jing Li Xuejian, Sha Yi, Ning Li, Wang Zhi, Zhu Yanmanzi lead the leading roles
Mr. Andy Lau’s special performance
Telling about the “Dayang Crisis” faced by human beings
In order to continue civilization, decided to start the Wandering Earth Project
The story of leading the earth to leave the solar system and find a new home
This Chinese New Year, NIO joins hands with the movie “The Wandering Earth 2”
Facing the light together with you to find the direction of home


In the vast universe, looking into the remote
The earth is such a small white dot
is our home and our hope

This beam of hope
keep shining in our hearts

Bringing together a common responsibility and ties

Driving us to keep moving forward, to go home and get together

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