Polestar hits 50,000 electric vehicle delivery goal

The brand of the budding EV manufacturer is growing swiftly. To deliver up to 65,0000 EVs, Polestar and the car rental industry giant Hertz teamed together in April. With a new platform and finance sources, Polestar’s growth strategy was accelerated in June when it went public under the ticker PSNY.

The company’s first electric SUV, the Polestar 3, which has a 300-mile range and costs $84,000, made its official premiere in October. In 2023 and 2024, respectively, Polestar expects to add the Polestar 4 SUV and the Polestar 5 sports sedan to its roster of electric vehicles. With the Polestar 6 electric roadster, Polestar claims to be planning for a “new era for sports automobiles.”

With its new electric vehicle models, Polestar is looking to the future, but it is also accomplishing its current objectives. The Swedish EV manufacturer, supported by automotive behemoths Volvo and Geely, has repeatedly stated that it is on track to produce 50,000 electric vehicles by the end of the year.

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