Ranking NIO Value|NIO Value Q4 List in 2022

Below is a recent post by NIO employee from china covering the value of Q4, since it is in Chinese please note that the translation will be a bit rough. If you’d like to check the post yourself see | SOURCE |

There were many wonderful events worth talking about in the last quarter. NIODay2022 ended successfully in Hefei, NIO’s 300,000th

The mass-produced car rolled off the assembly line, the 100th power station in Shanghai was established, EC7 and ES8 started pre-ordering, etc. We have been on the way forward

In this quarter, the Weilai community continued to grow and develop, and welcomed 32W+ new friends, new and old friends received a total of 8954W+
The value of Weilai has increased by 16% compared with the previous quarter.


NIORadio has been with you for four years. In the last quarter, a total of 9.5W+
users have listened to or participated in the recording of NIO Radio programs, even though they are thousands of miles away from each other, the warmth conveyed in NIO Radio is not at all reduce. They received a total of 30W+ NIO value.

Since the announcement of NIO’s value rule of .0, everyone’s enthusiasm for participation has become even higher. In this quarter, users organized more than 200 activities spontaneously. They created countless joyful moments with like-minded riders, making community relations more warm and genuine.

Reality. Wei loves to walk together, warm and help each other. In the last quarter, a total of 2,000+ car owners signed up for volunteer activities.

They fully demonstrated their enthusiasm, sharing, mutual assistance, and delivery in activities such as presentations in the NIO exhibition hall, and NODay2022 for mutual assistance among epidemic users
spirit. They received a total of 4.9W+ Weilai value.


In this quarter, we continued to evaluate the achievements in community development, efficiency improvement, social improvements.

The top 20 with the fastest growth in NIO value in the four dimensions of district interaction and special contribution
users, family members on the list can get a NIOLife 200 yuan no-threshold coupon and a code-scanning charging experience coupon.



Users on the list can get a single experience qualification of EPclub membership activities in the next quarter. On November 6th of the previous quarter, EPclub members We came to the Pearl of the South China Sea, where the water and the sky are as clear as blue.

The Xisha Islands launched a 4-day “Xisha to protect the blue” trip. Shouldering the mission of CleanParks, the members listened to the knowledge lectures given by the Blue Ribbon Marine Conservation Association, Pick up beach cleaning tools to protect marine ecology, donate saplings for Xisha Add color and green, etc., and protect the original nature of the Xisha ecosystem.
Authenticity and integrity, practice NIO



Ten users in the total list can order songs and send blessings in the NORadio program in the next quarter. Get RadioClubNight tickets.



We will issue a NIOLife 300 yuan no-threshold coupon to the user card package within 7 working days. to welcome the coming In this season, NlOLife has launched a new series of “Flying Forward” Chinese New Year gifts. There are things to eat, things to play, things to wear, and things to use. They are so cute It’s a great gift, add it to the shopping cart


Dashizi also won two code-scanning and charging experience coupons for the users on the list this time, which will be issued to the user’s card package within 7 working days. This body Coupon verification is universal for NO brand charging piles across the country, and users can
APP-charging map interface, easy to reach nearby charging piles through the intelligent route planning system. The NO charging pile adopts industry-leading electric Liyun system supports all kinds of electric vehicle energy replenishment needs and service scope Covering the whole country, bringing you the ultimate charging experience


Again, this is a rough translate and I apologize to investors and Nio enthusiasts for this. If skimmed through we might be able to get a few points.

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