Shanghai becomes the site of NIO’s biggest delivery facility worldwide.


The delivery center has 100 delivery spaces and can deliver up to 200 vehicles in a single day.

Below is a video of the facility, along with more information :


NIO (NYSE: NIO) has opened a new delivery center in Shanghai, its largest in the world, demonstrating the importance the electric vehicle company places on the city where it has its global headquarters.

The delivery center, which opened today, is located in Nanxiang, Jiading district, Shanghai, about 2 kilometers from a nearby NIO House, according to an article in the NIO App today.

The facility has a total area of 50,000 square meters and contains functional areas including a rest area, delivery area, vehicle preparation area and parking lot.

Among them, the delivery area covers 5,760 square meters, with a total of 100 delivery spaces, and up to 200 vehicles can be delivered in a single day.

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