The new year ads new clothes to the NIO ET5

The Spring Festival is approaching, and Pei Qi Miao hereby wishes everyone a happy and prosperous Year of the Rabbit, and all good things will come true!
As more and more ET5 car owners join the NIO family, Pair Qi Miao will bring 4 exclusive new products to ET5 car fans today, and there are easter eggs at the end of the article! Not much to say, please introduce new products.



ET5 Soft Pillow

The ET5 soft pillow fabric is made of microfiber fine-knit suede and filled with DuPont sorona® bio-cotton, which is soft, delicate and resilient, and can effectively support the head and neck.

In view of the difference in the shape of the front and rear headrests, the front row is designed with an exclusive snap-on fixation, and the rear row is fixed with a Velcro that fits the shape of the seat headrests, which ensures a firm installation while being beautiful.

NIO User

ET5 spoiler

The spoiler adopts the original factory data to ensure a perfect fit to the rear arc of the ET5. The official installation is firm and firm and not easy to fall off. In addition to the appearance, it can also optimize the aerodynamic performance, reduce wind resistance and make high-speed driving more stable.

Nio User

TPE mat

The TPE floor mat material is environmentally friendly and healthy, and has no peculiar smell; it adopts an integral molding injection molding process, and the original factory design accurately fits the car platform. It is easy to disassemble and can be washed and cleaned directly, and it is easy to take care of.

NIO User

Nappa leather key case

The Nappa leather key case of the car mall is made of high-quality, flawless cowhide parts with a delicate touch.
Simple and elegant shape, no hard material support inside, fully covered design can better avoid key wear and tear; specially designed hanging hole, you can match the lanyard by yourself, showing your personality and easy to carry.

NIO User

Little eggs, ET7 long tufted floor mats have also been launched simultaneously, with outstanding texture and a more comfortable and soft touch.

A message from Nio User “Pei Qi Miao” “wishing everyone a happy Chinese new year, everything goes smoothly and everything is in order!”

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