Weilai Muchong Station︱Shijiazhuang Vientiane Exchange is officially launched today


On January 17, 2023, NIO Muchong Station | Shijiazhuang Vientiane Exchange was officially launched. During the Chinese New Year (until February 28, 2023), all NIO car owners charge at this station for free.

This pile group is located in the Weilai Center of Shijiazhuang High-tech Zone ︱ Shijiazhuang Wanxianghui underground parking lot. There are 9 11kW charging piles in the station, and the parking fee is 2 yuan/hour.

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With the launch of Weilai Muchong Station︱Shijiazhuang Vientiane Exchange, since then, the two Weilai Centers in Shijiazhuang have been equipped with Muchong Station. Welcome to Niuwu to sit and sit~

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The Weilai Center not only provides users with a pleasant lifestyle, but also builds a complete and convenient charging pile group. We will continue to provide more convenient travel energy replenishment experience for the majority of car owners.

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Point map of charging and swapping resources in southern Hebei
With the launch of this energy replenishment facility in the southern Hebei region, NIO has deployed 33 swapping stations, 33 supercharging stations, and 12 destination charging stations in the southern Hebei region.

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With the continuous layout of the national charging and swapping network, the charging and swapping resources in the southern Hebei region are becoming more and more abundant, just to let more users truly experience the energy replenishment experience that is more convenient than refueling!
While you are shopping and entertaining at the New Year Mall, welcome new and old friends to come and check in. Don’t forget to go to the Niu House for a special drink~
I would like to wish you all a happy Chinese New Year and a prosperous Year of the Rabbit in advance!

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