Car experience|ET5 Ambient Light Color Matching Guide

What are the characteristics of ET5 ambient light

Ambient light color scheme 1: match according to color system

Ambient light color scheme two: according to the interior color

Practical functions of ET5 ambient light

Before I knew it, it had been more than 3 months since I picked up the car. Although the mileage was not much, the driving experience was amazing! During this period, as the first batch of users to pick up the car in Shenyang, I completed the first pick-up operation in Shenyang, and shared with you the evaluation of high-speed battery life in winter… Today, what I want to chat with you is the soul of the ET5 interior: the ambient light.

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The first car in the world to use ambient lights was manufactured in 2005. After more than ten years, there are only a handful of car brands that can achieve such amazing ambient lights, and ET5 is one of them. From the perspective of car owners to evaluate, this is the best-looking ambient light, bar none!

What are the characteristics of ET5 ambient light

The cockpit atmosphere of ET5 is rich and colorful, but this richness is not in an obvious way. Taking the ambient light as an example, ET5 cleverly “hides” the light strip and adopts the design concept of hidden diffuse reflection. When the LED light scatters onto the rubber of the vertical grain of the door panel, the light source of the sound cover passes through the fabric, creating a It has a slightly drunk and hazy advanced sense of light and shadow! This scheme, commonly known as “seeing the light without seeing the light”, uses the arrangement of points, lines, and surfaces to make the light and shadow more layered!

Since we are talking about ambient lights, we have to start with “color”. The ET5 ambient light has a 256-color color scheme, and also has a breathing effect and an interactive mode that changes with the rhythm of the music. It can add more dynamic visual effects as the music and other modes change.

Not only that, the ambient lights with perfect visual effects can also relieve people’s emotions, such as yellow to release stress, green to relieve visual fatigue, blue to calm people, red to be full of vitality, etc.!
As a photography enthusiast, today I would like to share with you some of my matching schemes for the color of the ET5 ambient light and the beautiful pictures I took of the ambient light for your reference.

Ambient light color scheme 1: color classification

cool color

Vibrant and tough. Blue often reminds people of blue sky, ice and snow, and the cold visual effect can bring a fresh and cool feeling when driving in summer. My color scheme is:

Main color: white; Secondary color: blue; Floor: white

warm color

Colors are bright and warm. Such as red, orange, yellow. The friendly visual effect can make people feel comfortable and warm when driving in winter! My color scheme is:

Main color: orange; Secondary color: yellow; Floor: red

warm color + cool color

There are both the coldness of winter and the warmth of summer. I usually use this color scheme to enjoy the visual impact, and the saturation is very strong. My color scheme is:

Main color: red; Secondary color: purple; Floor: blue

Ambient light color scheme 2 : according to the interior color

ET5 has a total of 6 interior colors, which can be matched with different ambient light colors. Here is my color scheme:

Tundra Green
Tundra green seems to be the color given to us by nature, like a ray of warm sun, full of vigor and vitality! My color scheme is:
Main color: yellow; Secondary color: blue; Floor: blue

amber orange

Amber orange is between yellow and orange. Compared with yellow, it is a bit more calm, and compared with coffee color, it adds a bit of softness. Fresh and translucent, it seems to have a natural fragrance from amber, exuding French romance!

My color scheme is:
Main color: white; Secondary color: yellow; Floor: blue

Electric purple

Dianyu Zi is rich in extremely high saturation, eye-catching and pure characteristics, making it destined to be a unique and extraordinary color! My color scheme is:

Main color: white; Secondary color: red; Floor: purple

tech black

Black is the deepest color, mysterious and powerful, solemn and elegant, and is the most powerful of all colors. Weilai’s technology is solemn, subtle and steady, and the charm of technology has its own unique taste! I think it can be matched freely, or you can refer to the color of the car paint. My color scheme is:

Main color: yellow; secondary color: orange; floor: purple

speed gray

Extreme gray is between black and white, darker than white, lighter than black, more calm than white, and more elegant than black. The weather-beaten visual appearance highlights the endurance that can stand the test of time, which can silently calm people’s hearts and provide a sense of stability and resilience!

My color scheme is:
Main color: white; Secondary color: blue; Floor: pink

Golden sand rice

Jinshami is a very inclusive color, beige that makes people feel calm, low-key, natural and friendly! When you are in the cockpit, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed, and experience the leisurely life! My color scheme is:

Main color: yellow; secondary color: purple; floor: blue

Practical functions of ET5 ambient light :

The digital light curtain ambient light combined with the 7.1.4 Dolby panoramic sound system made me truly appreciate the concept of NIO’s “second living room”, making driving a pleasure. Every time I sit in the car, I can’t help but look at it. Today Immersive Sound has updated those songs, no matter old songs or new (heart) sounds, with the color of the sound atmosphere light, my heart is warm…

In addition, the ET5 ambient light has a very considerate and default function, that is, when you open the door when parking, the ambient light on the door panel will flash red in case of vehicles passing behind, reminding passengers to pay attention to safety, full of details!

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