Check in to Nio Shanghai Center ; NIO House

Ten years ago, I used to live in Shanghai, that is, in the area near Lujiazui in Pudong. At that time, there were only two of the three major projects in Lujiazui, and the Shanghai Tower had not yet been completed. Today’s Lujiazui has almost changed its appearance, and I have also left Shanghai…

In the past few days, I came to Shanghai again. After finishing the business at hand, I came to check in at the most central cow house in Shanghai at night😊. The former construction site has become a towering corner, and the final touches of the three major projects have also been drawn.

The cow house in Shangzhong is a bit low-key, but it has everything you need. Visiting at night happened to meet the quietness of the business district after get off work. The friends of the cow house are still as enthusiastic as ever. They introduced the special drink and took us to visit the layout of the cow house. 👍👍👍

To my surprise, the special drink of Shangzhong Niuya has a special taste, and the coffee is specially blended. It is beautiful and delicious at the same time. Thank you for your recommendation. The taste of the special drink is very in line with the taste of petty bourgeoisie in a place like the center of Shanghai. 😊 The cow house is also displayed with Lego blocks of an advanced manufacturing center, which is quite interesting, and it is also the owner’s own brand.

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