Nio Invites users to a Valentine’s Day “Pink Romantic Journey”

The lover’s pink dream is romance, freedom and bravery, and the heartbeat is in a dreamy encounter. Soft emotions, lingering love, give your beloved TA every memorable moment. VALENTINE’5 DAY, trigger pink romance.

Are you ready to join us for a pink romantic trip on Valentine’s Day? During the event period from February 6th to 14th, users who complete the first test drive can get 2 movie tickets (limited, first come first served), and have the opportunity to draw 24 hours of free car rights to start your pink romantic journey .

NIO Xiamen invites you to set off from Niuwu, check in Wandering Earth 2 to change the power station with painted paintings, visit the store owner’s welfare partner, and come to a romantic movie, and send you an exclusive dating route, drive NIO, and date TA! #ET5 Trigger Pink Romance#

The first stop of the pink romantic tour
Depart from Niuwu, drink a cup of leisurely Luming or Wenling Xinghai, and start a day of dating in a comfortable and leisurely way.

The second stop of the pink romantic tour
Drive to the Wandering Earth 2 painted power station, experience NIO’s exclusive battery swap service, and unlock the new skin of the NIO Power swap station. During the 24-hour pink romantic trip on Valentine’s Day, let the Power of Love continue to power you up!

The third stop of the pink romantic trip
The next stop is to hit the main welfare partner store of the truck, eat, drink, play and have fun with TA, and enjoy a colorful and pleasant life.

The fourth stop of the pink romantic tour
At the end of the journey, collect your movie tickets, and meet your TA in a romantic theater, where beautiful women have an appointment, accompanied by light and shadow.

Nio users have the option to cSave the picture below, scan the QR code on WeChat to make an appointment, and join hands to start a pink romantic journey on Valentine’s Day!

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