Nio is turning ocean recycling into bags

4 years ago we smashed 8 Coke bottles and reborn
Turned into a sustainable trendy backpack
Sold out after launch
After that, it is customary to iterate a version almost every year
Continuing the “Coke Bottle Series”
Introducing “4.0 Coke Bottle”
Discover more and cooler eco-friendly materials

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With Recycled plastic bottles + fishing nets + scrap metal More than 80% of the whole package is made of environmentally friendly materials.

Found from landfills and oceans
Available PET plastic bottles Sorting, cleaning, recycling, purification. Ultimately regenerated to meet textile industry production standards
[New green environmental protection fabric – Coke bottle environmental protection cloth]
That is the core material of this backpack

Zipper accessories in even the smallest details
It is also made of marine fishing nets and recycled zinc alloy Without sacrificing usability Take sustainability one step further.

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