Nio User : 1,000 new power stations will be added in 2023

In January, Li Hong, Wei Jian, Shen Fei and other colleagues and I started a user visit trip that was delayed by the epidemic for a long time. We met and gathered with old and new friends in various regions, and listened to suggestions for improving NIO’s products and services. Long time no see, everyone has a lot to say, the most talked about is how to speed up the construction of the charging and swapping network.
From January 14th to 15th, I drove to visit users in Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang, and Dalian. In the Northeast where it was more than 20 degrees below zero, I switched batteries at high speed throughout the whole process. Not what it used to be.

On the other hand, in the process of communicating with you, I also realized that the Northeast region still needs to increase several times the number of power stations in order to truly allow users to travel without worry.

During the Spring Festival, the high-speed free battery swap service with unlimited times was recognized by everyone, creating a record of 63,000 battery swaps in a single day. While it is convenient for everyone to travel during the festival, it also reveals that the battery replacement service capacity of popular high-speed routes during the festival needs to be improved.
I went to Wenzhou and Taizhou on the first day after going to work during the Spring Festival. A lot of swap stations have been deployed in these two cities, and there are still many blank areas. For example, Cangnan County has nearly 150 users, but there is no swap station yet.
The plan announced on NIO Day to add 400 new power stations in 2023 is far from enough!

We want to further speed up the deployment of battery swap stations, so that more users can experience battery swap services that are more convenient than refueling as soon as possible.
We have set a new goal and decided to add 1,000 new power stations in 2023, and build more than 2,300 power stations by the end of 2023.
Among the newly added 1,000 stations, about 400 will be built in expressway service areas or high-speed exits to speed up the layout of high-speed power swap networks; about 600 will be deployed in urban areas, focusing on those with a certain user base and no power swap stations Third- and fourth-tier cities and counties.

The NIO team is already making all-round preparations for this new goal. At present, the mass production of the third-generation stations is progressing smoothly. It is expected that large-scale mass production will start in April, and the deployment of power stations will be accelerated in May. Starting from June, we will basically maintain the construction speed of 120-150 battery swap stations per month.
Please also understand that each power station needs a process from site selection, approval, commissioning to official operation, and it is impossible to meet everyone’s expectations quickly. In order to improve the efficiency of site selection for site construction, we will launch the #指电站想单# function on February 28th. Please actively participate in recommending the site selection area for site replacement. We also look forward to the help of users and friends who have resources such as site and power capacity. .

Thank you for your support and trust all the time, we will continue to work hard to achieve the goal of making refueling more convenient than refueling!
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