Quality car selection: Can NIO’s EC7 win the favor of young consumers ?

On 2022 NIO Day, Weilai released two new cars for the first time in one go, one of which is the updated Weilai ES8, and the other is today’s protagonist Weilai EC7. The new car is a brand new model under NIO. It is positioned as a smart electric coupe SUV. Its biggest highlight is the exterior design. Every angle and every detail of the new car interprets NIO’s elegance to the extreme! So, can the new car win the favor of more young consumers with its stylish styling and many intelligent configurations? This issue of “Quality Selection Car” will answer for you.

NIO EC7 launched a total of 3 models in the early stage. The vehicle purchase plan is adopted, and the price range of the vehicle is 488,000 to 578,000 yuan; the battery rental plan is adopted, and the price range of the vehicle is 418,000 to 450,000 yuan. In terms of battery life, the new car offers two battery pack options of 75kWh and 100kWh, and the CLTC cruising range can reach 490km and 635km respectively. In addition, the new car will also launch a model with a 150kWh battery pack for consumers to choose in the future, and its CTLC battery life can reach 940km.

For pure electric models, although most models currently adopt a panoramic roof design, due to technical or material problems, the heat insulation effect is not good. NIO EC7 has no such concerns at all. It is equipped with an intelligent dimming panoramic canopy and adopts the third-generation flexible electrochromic technology. It is also the first time in the industry to adopt black and gray neutral colors. Adaptively adjust the light transmittance to keep the car in the most comfortable state at all times.
In addition, although the positioning of NIO EC7 is slightly lower than that of NIO ES8 in terms of model number naming, the new car is fully in line with NIO ES8 in terms of intelligent configuration, such as NIO PanoCinema panoramic digital cockpit, Banyan intelligent system, Aquila The NIO super-sensing system and the Adam NIO supercomputing platform are all equipped, making it highly competitive in terms of data parameters and richness of functions.

Looking at the pure electric SUV market, although there are many choices of medium and large SUVs, there are very few fastback medium and large SUVs. Among them, the Avita 11, which was launched not long ago, is the main competitor. In addition, due to the lack of direct competitors, the traditional powerful Audi e-tron is added to the comparison ranks this time. Its price range overlaps with that of Weilai EC7, which has a certain competitive relationship.

First of all, from the point of view of the price that consumers are most concerned about, Avita 11 is undoubtedly the most affordable price range among the three models, and the car has launched 7 models for consumers to choose from. Compared with Weilai EC7 and Audi e- The 3 models of tron are more abundant.

In addition, from the perspective of appearance design, Weilai EC7 and Avita 11 are more in line with the current design trend of new energy vehicles, and the closed front grille shows a strong electric style. Audi e-tron retains the classic design elements of the family fuel product series. Of course, thousands of people have different faces, as for which one to choose, it depends on which model design catches your eye more.

In terms of after-sales policy, NIO will present an exclusive charging pile (including a 30-meter cable and free installation service) to the first car owner. At the same time, the first NIO car owner can also enjoy five lifetime free rights and interests: lifetime free warranty, lifetime free off-site power-up, lifetime free road assistance, lifetime free Internet of Vehicles service, and up to 6 battery replacement discounts per month.

Summary: In 2022, NIO delivered a total of 122,486 new vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 34%, continuing to lead the high-end pure electric vehicle market. With the launch of Weilai EC7, Weilai’s product line has been further enriched. The eye-catching slip-back shape, the industry-leading NT2.0 platform and the same high-end intelligent configuration as the NIO ES8 give the NIO EC7 a strong market competitiveness. More importantly, there are currently few options for pure electric mid-to-large coupe SUVs on the market, and the timing of the launch of the NIO EC7 can be said to seize the opportunity. There are reasons to believe that NIO EC7, which integrates the right time, the right location, and the harmony of people, will perform well in the market in the future!

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