RIVIAN Ceo says the company is developing an electric bike program, being worked on by small group

Rivian is developing an electric bike program according to breaking sources on twitter.

No further details were mentioned, but the electric bike is great idea for the company as the essence of rivian’s business model is about family and community adventures.

Several automotive manufacturers have also jumped on the electric bicycle bandwagon in the last few years, chasing the rapidly expanding market and the low barrier to entry for lightweight two-wheeled electric vehicles.

Last year, Rivian filed a new trademark for bicycles and electric bikes, as well as their corresponding structural parts

The e-bike space is something we’re super excited about. We haven’t announced anything or said anything there. But I do think it is going to play an increasingly important role for transportation, both in the movement of goods for commercial purposes, but also for the movement of people.

Rivian CEO
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