According to source : ET7 has been discontinued, with the ET7 face lift to be released later this year

On March 27, First Electric learned exclusively that the production of the current NIO ET7 has been discontinued, and the car will launch an annual facelift model within this year. The new car is expected to optimize the details of the exterior and interior, or it will be released at the Shanghai Auto Show. In addition, there is currently a cash discount of 3,000-5,000 yuan for the full payment of the second-generation models on sale at stores in the Beijing area.

Direct source : weibo

Recently, we found that in the car ordering page of Weilai official APP, the car ordering page of the new ES8 and other new models will display the estimated delivery period or time, while the car ordering page of Weilai ET7 no longer displays this information, only shows The prices and main highlights of the two models on sale.

We learned from NIO’s offline stores in Beijing that the current ET7 is indeed in a state of discontinuation, and will launch an annual minor facelift model in the near future. Based on the current ET7, the new car will optimize and upgrade the appearance and some details of the interior.

When talking about the details of the interior upgrade, the sales staff in the store said that the interior workmanship of the current ET7 does have some minor problems, and this facelift will optimize these minor problems. The texture of the interior has been further improved.

Although it is not yet known what specific changes will be made, the salesperson mentioned that at the location of the wireless charging board, it is expected that the new ET7 will replace the plastic edging in the current model with the same chrome decoration as the ES7, while other interiors Aspect upgrades are also similar to this. After the upgrade, the overall texture of the interior of the ET7 will be closer to that of the ES7.

For ET7 users who have already picked up their cars, the store has not received an upgrade plan at present, but the salesperson speculates that according to NIO’s practice, there should be an upgrade plan for the cars that have already been picked up.

It is understood that when ordering ET7 on NIO’s official APP, it no longer accepts customized models, and can only choose a car from the inventory. If there is no desired optional model, it is impossible to place an order or lock the order. This means that at present, if users want to buy NIO ET7, they can only buy stock cars.

Regarding when the new ET7 will be launched, the store has not yet received an official notice from the manufacturer, but according to the salesman’s speculation, there will be news of the new ET7 in the near future, and it is very likely that it will be launched at the Shanghai Auto Show in April.

In addition to the upcoming annual facelift of ET7, the First Electric reporter also learned that the three second-generation models of ET5, ET7, and ES7 currently on sale in Weilai stores are undergoing 0-interest loan activities. Users who choose a two-year loan of 200,000 yuan when ordering an ET5 model can enjoy a 0-interest loan policy; ET7 and ES7 models choose a two-year loan of 300,000 yuan for a financial plan that can also enjoy a 0-interest loan policy.

For users who pay in full, these three models will enjoy direct cash discounts. If users pay in full for NIO ET5, they can enjoy an instant discount of 3,000 yuan in cash; while paying in full for ET7 and ES7, they can enjoy a cash discount of 5,000 yuan.

In addition, for the two replacement models EC6 and ES6, the salesperson also revealed to the reporter that it is expected to open the lock order in April and start delivery in May.

In 2022, Weilai’s annual sales volume of 120,000 vehicles is only one step away from the sales target of 150,000 vehicles at the beginning of the year. 2023 is a big year for NIO’s products. All models will be updated to second-generation models. After all second-generation models are delivered, it will help NIO achieve its monthly sales target of 30,000 vehicles.

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