Enjoy a joyful moment with NIO ET7 and NIO’s AR glasses

NIO, the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, has recently unveiled its latest technological innovation: the NIO ET7 sedan equipped with augmented reality (AR) glasses. The glasses, named “NIO AR glasses,” are designed to enhance the driving experience by providing drivers and passengers with a range of features and entertainment options.

One of the most impressive features of the NIO At glasses is its ability to project images onto the car’s windows, creating an immersive and interactive experience for passengers. For example, passengers can use the glasses to watch movies, play games, or even take virtual tours of destinations they are passing through.

Enjoy a joyful moment with NIO ET7 and NIO’s AR glasses :

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Glasses specifications:

  • equivalent of 130-inch high-definition large screen and 3D visual effects
  • Binocular 1080P full HD display
  • Bring more high-definition, shocking visual space experience
  • Equipped with EIS electronic anti-shake algorithm, with gyroscope and other sensors
  • Real-time monitoring of the attitude changes of the glasses body, combined with A algorithm prediction
  • Significantly reduces image jitter and improves image stability during driving

In addition to entertainment, the glasses also provide useful information to the driver, such as navigation and real-time traffic updates. The glasses are also equipped with a camera that can detect the driver’s eye movements and adjust the image projection accordingly, ensuring maximum comfort and visibility.

According to NIO’s CEO, William Li, the NIO AR glasses are just the beginning of the company’s foray into the world of AR technology. “We believe that AR technology will become an increasingly important part of the automotive industry, and we are committed to leading the way in this field,” he said in a recent statement.

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