Live preview|Explore NIO’s third-generation power station for the first time


Since the release of NIO’s third-generation power station last year on NIO Day, it has received the attention and expectations of many users.

At 10:00 on March 28th, Weilai founder, chairman, CEO @William李斌 and Weilai energy senior vice president @沉菲 will take everyone to visit the third-generation power station of Weilai located in Shangri-La Hotel, Haikou. Through the live broadcast, we will take you to explore Weilai’s third-generation power station with higher power replacement efficiency and stronger service capabilities for the first time.

In addition, since the release of the 2023 Thousand Stations Plan, we have received many users’ wishes for building a website through #指电站想格#, and we have also invited users who meet the website’s wish address to the site. @William李斌 will serve as a special guest for the wishing users Deliver the power station to witness the moment when everyone’s wishes come true. The station will be officially delivered to users after the final test is completed in April.
We will broadcast live simultaneously on the five platforms of Weilai App, WeChat video account, Douyin, Weibo, and bilibili at 10:00 am on March 28. You are welcome to lock the live broadcast room in advance, follow the live broadcast camera, and explore the secrets of Weilai’s third Replace power stations to win surprise gifts.

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