Rivian’s New R1 Shop Promises Accelerated Delivery Times

The R1 Store will be open to a large number of current R1T reservation holders, according to information released by Rivian. 

Customers will have the chance to review the R1T options available, customize their cars, and get their cars delivered more swiftly than in the past. 

Teslarati heard from Rivian that:

“Many new customers will also be invited to the R1 Shop this month, giving them the opportunity to check out available R1Ts for purchase that could be delivered to them in as quickly as a couple of weeks.”

“We went from four walls to start of production on our new drive unit line in 5 months. Designing and manufacturing these motors fully in-house enables us to speed production and introduce Dual-Motor AWD while simultaneously continuing to ramp Quad-Motor AWD production.”

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