Scientists create Liquid Trees; a tank full of water and micro-algae that could be an alternative to trees in urban areas

Scientists have created a new concept called “liquid trees” that could provide an alternative to actual trees in urban areas. This innovative idea is based on a tank filled with water and micro-algae, which can mimic the air-cleansing properties of actual trees.

Trees are essential for maintaining the ecological balance and improving air quality in urban areas. However, planting and maintaining trees in cities can be a daunting task. Trees need adequate space, water, and nutrients to grow, which is often a challenge in cities with limited space and resources.

To address this issue, scientists at Cambridge University and the University of California have developed the concept of “liquid trees.” This concept involves the use of a tank filled with water and micro-algae, which can be placed in areas where traditional trees are not feasible.

The micro-algae in the tank are capable of absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen, just like trees. They also have a high surface area to volume ratio, which enables them to absorb pollutants more effectively than trees.

Moreover, the system requires minimal maintenance, and the water in the tank can be reused for other purposes, such as irrigation or cleaning. The “liquid trees” system can also be easily customized to suit the specific needs of different urban environments.

According to the researchers, the concept of “liquid trees” has the potential to significantly improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions in urban areas. The technology could be used in a variety of settings, such as office buildings, shopping malls, and public parks, to enhance the surrounding environment.

In addition, the technology could be used to grow micro-algae for various applications, such as biofuels, food supplements, and cosmetics. This would not only provide an eco-friendly solution for urban environments but also contribute to the development of sustainable industries.

The “liquid trees” concept is still in the experimental stage, and more research is needed to evaluate its effectiveness in different settings. However, this innovative approach shows promise as a practical and sustainable solution for improving air quality in urban areas while addressing the challenges of limited space and resources.

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