The first batch Of NIO ET5’s have arrived in Norway ; In place to be delivered this month

NIO confirmed today that the first batch of their newest car model, the NIO ET5, has arrived in Norway. The cars are now at Birger og Haug in Aros where they are being prepared for delivery to the first customers.

Image Credit | NIO |

Nio didn’t reveal when the first cars will be delivered but says that the ET5 is already in place to be delivered this month to customers.

The NIO ET5 is NIO’s first medium sized electric sedan. | Credits NIO |

NIO ET5 is NIO’s cheapest and most popular EV out of their lineup, with a starting price of around 46,000 USD it acts as a competitor to Teslas model 3 sedan.

NIO ET5 Simple Specifications :

The ET5 offers 3 battery pack options , 75 kWh, 100 kWh, and 150 kWh :

  • 75 kWh Range : 277 Miles | Europe
  • 100 kWh Range : 360 Miles | China
  • 150 KWh Range : 621 Miles | China

Acceleration Speed : 0 – 62 MPH in 4 Seconds

Drag coefficiency : 0.24 CD

NIO’s Next Surprise

Nio regulatory filings presented a new ET5 Model, NIO ET5 “hatchback” or “Shooting Brake”. A couple days ago photos surfaced of new edition of the ET5 for NIO users :

The NIO ET5 “Station Wagon” will specifically be designed and manufactured for the Europe market, and the model has already became popular among enthusiasts. This makes the ET5’s newest edition to be NIO’s 9th model in their EV lineup.

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