Mullen and Bollinger motors debut their commercial platforms at work truck week 2023

Today, Work truck week kicked off, And Mullen Commercial presented its specifications and technical information related to the Mullen One, Mullen 3, and other products.

The Bollinger Motors all-electric B4 Chassis Cab was also showcased at the NTEA Work Truck Week, and will continue throughout the week from March 7-10 at the Indianapolis Convention Center. Showcasing latest electric commercial platform.

Work Truck Week showcases the newest industry products, allows attendees to choose from dozens of industry-focused training courses and gain access to technical engineering representatives from exhibiting companies. 

This is the first public showing of the B4, the Class 4 chassis cab to lead Bollinger’s Class 4 through 6 electric work truck line-up.

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Electric auto startup Bollinger’s B1 SUV and B4 chassis are among the highly anticipated crop of electric pickups scheduled to come to market in the next year.

Bollinger and Wabash

Back In September of 2022, Bollinger and Wabash announced a joint development to develop a refrigerated truck body on their electric chassis. Wabash developed a lightweight composite technology, EcoNex Technology, for use in truck bodies and trailers that will integrate with Bollinger’s Class 4 electric chassis cab, according to Bollinger.

A “stronger, lighter” refrigerated truck body with an electric chassis.

This collaboration unfolded at work truck week 2023 :

The Mullen one is on display !

Mullen Commercial will cover specifications and technical information related to the Mullen One, Mullen 3, and other products. Representatives will also discuss Mullen’s planned product rollout into the commercial space From 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM. Any additional information will be updated on this article at EV EDITION, or integrated specifically for another piece.

Below are some more images from Work Truck Week 2023, photo credits from @cutehoormurts33 on twitter.

Mullen and Bollinger Work Truck Week 2023 is an event that showcases the latest innovations in work trucks and related equipment. Work trucks are an essential component of many industries, such as construction, agriculture, and landscaping, that require specialized vehicles to transport heavy equipment, materials, and supplies to job sites. These industries rely heavily on work trucks for their daily operations, making them a critical part of the economy.

Advances in technology are revolutionizing the work truck industry, with companies like Mullen and Bollinger leading the way in developing new and sustainable practices. From electric and hybrid trucks to safety features and connectivity technologies, the latest developments are improving the performance, reliability, and sustainability of work trucks. Mullen and Bollinger Work Truck Week 2023 provides an opportunity to learn about these innovations and their potential impact on the industry and the economy.

Additional Information

Robert Bollinger: The Man Behind Mullen’s Push Into Commercial EVs

CEO Robert Bollinger has put his life’s work into developing electric trucks.

After receiving a degree in industrial and product design from Carnegie Mellon, Mr. Bollinger dedicated most of his professional career to John Masters Organics, an organic beauty company. He first met the founder, John Masters, in 1995, which eventually led to his promotion to COO in 2005. Following Masters’ departure from the company, Mr. Bollinger was essentially handed the reins. After growing sales by 25x, he decided to sell the company in 2013.

Mr. Bollinger then used the proceeds from this sale to help fund Bollinger Motors.

Bollinger and Mullen’s Partnership

Last September, Mullen announced that it had acquired a 60% controlling interest in Bollinger for $148.2 million in cash and stock. Mullen’s interest is “highly focused on the commercial aspect of the company,” said Mr. Bollinger. “[Michery] saw how wonderful the commercial direction was that we were going, and the far-reaching applications for it.”

With the purchase of Bollinger and the $105 million acquisition of Electric Last Mile Solution’s(OTCMKTS:ELMSQ) assets, Mullen is now able to capitalize on several areas of synergy.

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