Today, NIO launched its partnership with Tibber, the premier tech energy provider

Nio has partnered with Tibber in order to offer complementary smart charging solutions to NIO users in Norway, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Nio announced that you can use the Tibber app when charging your Nio to help save money and the environment.

Official Press Release :

NIO is pleased to announce that we have joined forces with technology energy provider Tibber. Through the partnership, our NIO users in Norway, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands who have a dynamic electricity contract with Tibber can easily connect their NIO to the Tibber app and enjoy all the benefits of smart charging.

What is Tibber?
Since its establishment in Norway in 2016, Tibber has transformed the electricity market. The modern power supplier offers a unique and innovative service that focuses on using technology to help customers save energy and money.

Tibber offers a range of services, including the Tibber app, which allows customers to track their energy usage, find real-time energy prices and control the charging of their electric car – ideally when electricity prices are at their lowest.

How does the partnership work?
Do you have a NIO and a Tibber? Then you can start with smart charging. Smart charging with Tibber works with any wallbox, e.g. our NIO Power Home 3.0. Once you have set up the “Smart Charging” function in the Tibber app, your NIO will be charged automatically exactly during the hours when electricity is cheapest.

Download the Tibber app now and have fun with Smart Charging! If you do not have a Tibber contract yet, you can find more information on the website.

Learn more about tibber on their website : Tibber

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