Lordstown Motors resumes production and delivery of Endurance electric truck

Lordstown Motors has announced the resumption of production and delivery of its Endurance electric truck. This comes after a period of uncertainty caused by the resignation of the company’s CEO and CFO, as well as an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) into allegations of fraud.

The company plans to deliver 1,000 Endurance electric trucks by the end of the year, with a goal of producing 2,000 per month by next year. The Endurance is designed specifically for commercial fleets and features a unique in-wheel motor design that promises to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Lordstown Motors also plans to expand its workforce, adding 400 employees to its Ohio plant. The company has faced criticism from lawmakers and investors for failing to meet its production goals and for its lack of transparency.

However, Lordstown Motors remains confident in its ability to deliver the Endurance electric truck and is committed to advancing the shift towards sustainable transportation.

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