Revolutionizing EV Charging: NIO’s 500kW Ultra-Fast Charging Pile Sets New Standards in Design and Performance

The 500kW ultra-fast charging pile. This new charging pile offers unprecedented charging speed, intelligent features, and user-friendly design, making it a game-changer in the industry.

NIO’s 500 kW Charger

The 500kW ultra-fast charging pile boasts a peak charging power of 500kW and a maximum charging current of 660A, far surpassing the performance of other charging piles in the market. With its cutting-edge technology, it takes only 20 minutes for the 400V model and 12 minutes for the 800V model to charge from 10% to 80% – truly living up to its name as an ultra-fast charger.

One of the standout features of the NIO’s ultra-fast charging pile is its user-centric design. Equipped with a 15.6-inch high-definition retina screen, users can easily view the operation process and charging information. The logo light on the top of the pile provides convenience for users to locate the charging station at night, and the multi-scene ring light strip inserted into the muzzle shows the status of the charging pile through different colors, allowing users to understand the working conditions at a glance.

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In addition to its speed and design, the 500kW ultra-fast charging pile also offers enhanced operability. NIO has developed an ultra-light liquid-cooled gun cable that weighs less than half of traditional gun cables, making it easy to operate with just one hand for an elegant charging experience.

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Moreover, the 500kW ultra-fast charging pile is also a “smart technology product.” It is equipped with a smart parking space monitoring camera connected to the cloud, allowing users to real-time monitor parking space availability through the car machine or mobile app. It also supports plug-and-play, code scanning, and NFC card charging, providing multiple convenient charging options for users.

Credit | NIO APP |

NIO’s 500kW ultra-fast charging pile is part of their vision of an integrated charging and swapping station. With efficient coordination and intelligent power distribution, NIO aims to provide a more stable and efficient charging experience for its users. As of April 17, NIO has deployed over 1,350 battery swapping stations and 14,700 charging piles across the country, with plans to expand further in 2023.

To celebrate the launch of the 500kW ultra-fast charging pile, NIO invites EV users to experience the charging technology and share their charging experience on social media with the hashtag #开箱威来500kW超快速货#. NIO will be giving away Weilai squatting blind boxes to 10 lucky users on May 17.

With NIO’s commitment to advancing EV charging technology and expanding their charging network, the future of convenient and efficient EV charging looks brighter than ever.

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