2nd Anniversary of Cooperation | NIO and Sinopec jointly built 251 stations

On April 15, 2023, the strategic cooperation between Weilai and Sinopec officially reached its second anniversary.
Today, two years ago, NIO signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sinopec, which opened up all-round cooperation between the two parties in the joint construction of charging and swapping infrastructure, and created an innovative cooperation model between the global energy industry and the automotive industry. On the same day, under the joint witness of both parties, the world’s first NIO second-generation power station was officially opened.

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Today, on the occasion of the second anniversary of the cooperation, the first two third-generation substations jointly built by NIO and Sinopec were officially put into operation, witnessing another important moment for the two parties to continue to deepen cooperation.

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Over the past two years of cooperation, NIO and Sinopec have jointly built 251 charging and swapping stations, with an average of one Sinopec cooperation station going online every 3 days. The 251 charging and swapping stations include 102 swapping stations, 121 supercharging stations, and 28 destination charging stations. Covering 27 provincial-level administrative regions and 89 cities, it provides users with convenient power-on services.

The cooperation between NIO and Sinopec is a milestone in the development of China’s smart electric vehicle industry. The two parties will continue to efficiently integrate resources, further provide smart electric vehicle users with a better power-on experience, and contribute to carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

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