NIO’s smart electric flagship coupe SUV EC7 will officially open lock-up orders on April 10, 2023.

Starting from April 10, customers will be able to test drive the EC7, and deliveries are scheduled to commence in mid-May.

NIO has announced that it will be accepting lock-in orders for its upcoming EC7 electric SUV on April 10th. By placing a reservation deposit of 5,000 yuan before the lock-up order opens, customers can receive a discount of 10,000 yuan off the purchase price of the car. However, customers should be aware that this booking activity will only be available for a limited time, and will end after the lock-up order is opened.

NIO’s EC7 electric SUV promises to be a true flagship vehicle, with advanced technology and a sleek, modern design. By allowing customers to place lock-in orders ahead of time, NIO is giving consumers the opportunity to secure their place in line for this highly anticipated electric SUV. Stay tuned for more updates on the EC7 and other exciting developments from NIO!

Users who choose to customize EC7 can customize their car and lock the configuration through the NIO App after the lock list is opened. Customized vehicles will start in mid-May, and deliveries will begin successively in accordance with the order lock-up time and order of deposit.

*The EC7 with the optional rear comfort package is expected to be delivered in July at the earliest. EC7 with coral red interior is expected to start delivery in August at the earliest.

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