Update on EMM Installation for D.C. City Government Provided by Mullen Advanced Energy Operations

Mullen Automotive, Inc. has provided an update on its collaboration with Mullen Advanced Energy Operations (MAEO), which is a 51%-owned subsidiary of the Company, to test and install Energy Management Modules (EMM) on 40 Chevrolet Bolts in the Washington D.C. city government’s vehicle fleet. The $680,000 contract was awarded to EV Technologies, LLC, with partners Global EV Technology, Inc. and Mullen’s MAEO.

The testing includes vehicle calibration testing on a dynamometer, and the installation of the EMM units. The initial phase of contract execution was successfully completed, and the second phase is scheduled for next week. The EMM technology has previously shown to increase the efficiency of any electric vehicle, with a calculated range increase of up to 60%.

David Michery, CEO and chairman of Mullen Automotive, expressed his satisfaction with the progress made so far, and expects the installation to be completed on time, followed by the return of vehicles to the D.C. city government fleet.

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