Blue Bird, Indonesia’s Largest Taxi Operator, Commits 80% of New EV Purchases to BYD

Blue Bird, Indonesia’s Largest Taxi Operator, Partners with BYD for 80% of New EV Fleet; Emphasizes Market Preference for Affordable Models

In recent news, Blue Bird, the leading taxi operator in Indonesia, has announced a significant agreement with BYD. As per Bloomberg News and IT House reports on May 30, Blue Bird intends to procure electric vehicles primarily from BYD, making up 80% of its upcoming fleet. The decision comes after reevaluating Tesla’s order, considering the Indonesian market’s stronger demand for cost-effective options.

During an interview, Blue Bird President Sigit Priawan Djokosoetono expressed that BYD’s E6 and T3 models are better suited for the Indonesian market, thus constituting a significant portion of the 500 electric vehicles scheduled for delivery this year.

Indonesia, renowned for its substantial nickel reserves—a vital battery component—is actively fostering the growth of the electric vehicle industry. The country has implemented diverse measures and subsidies to encourage domestic consumers to embrace electric vehicles, while also attracting investments and factory establishments by both domestic and foreign electric vehicle companies.

Notably, on May 25, BYD signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indonesian government, aiming to explore investment opportunities and collaboration between China and Indonesia, particularly in the electric vehicle sector.

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