NIO third-generation power station in Fuzhou City officially launched

On May 18, 2023, the first NIO third-generation power station in Fuzhou City was officially launched and put into operation.

This marks the full start of NIO’s accelerated layout of the third-generation Swap Station in Fuzhou City.

In addition to increasing the battery swap capacity to 408 times in a single day, the third-generation battery swap station also supports smart battery swap functions such as calling for battery swaps and automatic parking. The site is also equipped with 500kW overcharging, with a total of 2 piles.

The re-upgrade of battery swapping technology will make travel more convenient and secure for users, while providing more efficient and convenient battery swapping services, it will also bring us one step closer to our wish of thousand stations in 2023.

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As Of May 18th, NIO has deployed 1,407 swap stations across the country, including 374 expressway swap stations, 2,584 charging stations, 15,338 charging stations, and more than 700,000+ third-party charging piles.

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