Tesla provides a sneak peek of their upcoming next-gen EV, Elon Musk hints at the launch of two new products.

During today’s annual shareholder meeting, Elon Musk tantalized attendees by hinting at an upcoming addition to the company’s electric vehicle (EV) lineup. In addition, he delighted shareholders by disclosing that two exciting new products are currently being developed. According to Elon, the company anticipates a remarkable annual production of 5 million units from these two forthcoming models.

“There are two new products I think you will be excited about; Both the design and manufacturing techniques are head and shoulders above anything that is present in industry.”

Elon Musk
Tesla New Model Tease

Elon also commented about the CyberTruck :

“We’re finally going to start delivering Cybertrucks this year. The product is better than expectations. It’s the car I will be driving.”

Elon Musk
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Snippet from Tesla’s Annual Shareholders Meeting :

| Tesla Annual Shareholder Meeting 2023 |

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