NIO Launches The Worlds First Smart Electric Station Wagon, The ET5 Touring

NIO, the renowned EV manufacturer, has recently unveiled its inaugural electric station wagon, the ET5 Touring. This remarkable electric tourer, designed specifically with the European market in focus, is poised to pose a formidable competition to esteemed brands such as BMW, Porsche, and other top-tier automakers within their domestic domain.

| NIO ET5 Touring |

The ET5 Touring is a station wagon version of the well-regarded ET5 sedan.

The model will offer customers a choice of three distinct battery options. The first is a 75 kWh variant, priced at RMB 298,000 ($41,850), with a range of 270 miles. The second is a 100 kWh model, starting at RMB 356,000 (approximately $50,000), which provides a range of 347 miles. Alternatively and Notably, customers can opt for the BaaS (battery-as-a-service) package, available at RMB 228,000 ($32,000) within China. This Pricing for the ET5 Touring is identical to the regular ET5.

NIO has announced that the model is now open for orders in China, and deliveries are scheduled to commence on June 16, 2023. Furthermore, deliveries in Europe are anticipated to commence during the fourth quarter of this year.

According to CNEV Post : The primary contender of the NIO ET5 Touring in the Chinese market is Zeekr’s Zeekr 001. This rival electric vehicle is currently available in four different versions, each with varying starting prices. The prices for these versions are RMB 300,000, RMB 300,000, RMB 349,000, and RMB 386,000 respectively, presenting potential customers with a range of options to suit their preferences and budget.

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