NIO Opens New Multi-functional Delivery/Service Center

June 25, 2023 – NIO officially opened its new multi-functional service center in Huzhou Wuxing in China today . The state-of-the-art facility brings together both delivery and service operations, offering NIO’s patrons an integrated, user-centric experience that encapsulates the brand’s commitment to convenience and quality.

This center, the 80th NIO service center and 54th NIO delivery center in the country, functions as a hub for new car delivery, after-sales maintenance, car beauty and decoration, and a user Club. It boasts an impressive total area of over 7,000 square meters and a three-story main building. The first two floors, a combined 5,700 square meters, contain over 50 repair stations and 117 parking spaces, providing a wide array of professional services, including vehicle diagnostics, software upgrades, body paint repairs, tire changes, chassis checks, and cosmetic upgrades.

A special feature of the center is its multi-functional customer waiting area designed to offer a beyond-expectation full-service experience, which includes the NIO Cafe, Living Room, and Chamber.

To date, NIO has established 80 service centers and 54 delivery centers across the country, and plans to continuously improve its service network layout and service efficiency to provide a more enjoyable vehicle experience for users.

Delivery and service centers are invaluable for NIO as they enhance customer experience. Delivery centers provide customers with a personalized introduction to their new vehicles, ensuring they understand the car’s features, thereby fostering a positive relationship from the outset. Service centers, on the other hand, ensure the longevity of NIO cars by providing maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, thus reinforcing customer trust and satisfaction in the long term. Both facilities work synergistically to cultivate brand loyalty and customer retention.

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