Unveiling the BYD Song Plus Champion Edition in China: The All-Electric Version Starts at $23,700 USD

June 20, 2023, marked the launch of the BYD Song Plus Champion Edition in China, available in two versions: EV and PHEV. This upgraded version of the popular BYD Song Plus SUV, a previous bestseller in China, boasts an electric range of 605 km, 218 hp and kicks off at a competitive price of 179,800 yuan (approximately $25,100 USD). The PHEV version, with its 1.5-liter ICE for 110 hp and a 197-hp electric motor, starts at an even lower price of 169,800 yuan ($23,700 USD). Let’s delve into the details of the BYD Song Plus Champion Edition.

Key Features of the BYD Song Plus Champion Edition

Both the electric and plug-in hybrid models of the BYD Song Plus Champion Edition were unveiled simultaneously, featuring the unique Ocean X face design and similar headlights to the BYD Seal. In terms of dimensions, both versions have a wheelbase of 2765 mm, with the EV version measuring 4785/1890/1660 mm and the DM-i version measuring 4775/1890/1670 mm.

The electric model has an e-motor providing 204-218 hp, powered by either a 71 kWh or 87 kWh LFP battery, enabling a range of 520-605 km. The Song Plus DM-i variant combines a 1.5 naturally aspirated ICE with an electric motor, delivering 110-197 hp. It offers two battery options for 110 km or 150 km range (CLTC).

The interior is no less impressive, with a 15.6-inch rotating screen, a comprehensive instrument panel, and a three-spoke steering wheel. It also features a ‘diamond’ retractable gear selector, borrowed from the BYD Seal, and benefits from the DiLink connection system and two-zone climate control.

BYD Song Plus Champion Edition Pricing

The all-electric version with an entry-level battery (520 km range) comes in three trim levels priced at 169,800 – 189,800 yuan ($23,700 – $26,500 USD). The top-tier trim with a large battery for 605 km range carries a price tag of 209,800 yuan ($29,300 USD).

The Song Plus DM-i variant offers two trim levels with a smaller battery for 110 km of electric range, priced at 159,800 – 169,800 yuan ($22,300 – $23,700 USD). Two other versions with 150 km range cost 179,800 – 189,800 yuan ($25,100 – $26,500 USD).

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