XPENG Partners with ACCESS to Enhance In-Vehicle Infotainment Experience

XPENG, a leading premium electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has chosen ACCESS as its provider for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), marking an exciting partnership between the two companies. The ACCESS Twine™ for Car (Twine4Car) solution will be implemented in XPENG’s new range of electric vehicles, starting with the highly anticipated XPENG P7 sedan set to arrive in Europe this summer. Moreover, existing XPENG drivers will have the option to upgrade their vehicles with Access’ Twine4Car IVI through convenient over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

By selecting ACCESS Twine4Car, XPENG aims to elevate the sophistication and convenience of mobility for its European drivers. Eric Xu, VP International Markets at XPENG, emphasizes the company’s commitment to providing a truly intuitive and enjoyable mobility experience that goes beyond the physical aspect of driving. XPENG recognizes that their vehicles have the potential to evoke emotional connections with their drivers.

The Twine4Car Platform, renowned for its industry-leading automotive content and app services, will empower XPENG to offer branded entertainment services within their connected car infotainment system. With the Twine4Car app store, drivers and passengers can access popular social and productivity apps, allowing them to work and enjoy leisure activities even while parked or charging. ACCESS goes a step further by providing XPENG with a cutting-edge game portal featuring console-class games that utilize advanced high-compression streaming technology, ensuring smooth gameplay even with low-speed internet connections.

Masahiro Aono, CEO of ACCESS Europe, highlights their unique ability to deliver an IVI system tailored for next-generation cars, coupled with a dedicated app store offering an impressive array of games, essential apps, and leading video services. This collaboration will enable XPENG to provide its drivers with infotainment experiences that truly captivate and satisfy them. From streaming music and podcasts to accessing social media platforms and watching favorite videos, XPENG’s connected infotainment experiences will mirror the elegance and excellence of their exceptional electric vehicles.

Recognizing the evolving needs of IVI platforms, Twine4Car goes beyond traditional audio services and navigation. It serves as a central hub for all in-vehicle services, seamlessly integrating content from global media partners. XPENG’s electric vehicles will benefit from a diverse range of apps, TV services, games, and video-on-demand offerings. Key features of Twine4Car include:

  • 1. Twine App Store: A dedicated hybrid in-car app store (HTML5 and native) that enables XPENG to offer a wide selection of apps within their own branded in-car platform, enhancing the user experience.
  • 2. Native Android App Support: Seamless integration of native applications, allowing XPENG to create an immersive user experience through their OEM-branded IVI interface, tailored for native apps and embedded or API-based services.
  • 3. Sync Play: Multiple devices can synchronize playback, enabling passengers to enjoy content simultaneously on the in-car screen.
  • 4. Parental/Remote Control: With content-related control accessible from any screen in the vehicle, Twine4Car gives parents the ability to manage and monitor the type and duration of content consumed by their children, ensuring a safe and controlled environment.

XPENG’s collaboration with ACCESS marks an exciting step forward in delivering an exceptional IVI experience to its drivers and passengers. By integrating the ACCESS Twine4Car solution, XPENG is poised to provide a seamless and delightful infotainment journey, showcasing the synergy between cutting-edge electric vehicles and advanced in-car technology.

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