NIO to launch new EC6 on Sept 15, NIO Phone on Sept 21

As per information shared by a Weibo user, Nio is set to introduce the new EC6 on September 15, unveil the Nio Phone on September 21, and host Nio Day 2023 on December 23.

In a recent update from Nio’s (NYSE: NIO) management, it was disclosed that the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer planned to debut its new EC6 coupe SUV and its inaugural phone model in September. However, exact launch dates were initially undisclosed, but recent developments suggest these details have now been unveiled.

New EC6 NT2 SUV Unveiling ( September 15 )

Nio enthusiasts can mark their calendars for September 15, 2023, as the company gears up to launch its latest sensation, the EC6 SUV. Deliveries are expected to follow shortly after the grand reveal.

NIO’s First Smartphone ( September 21 )

On September 21, 2023, Nio will venture into the world of smartphones with its inaugural release, aptly named the Nio Phone. This exciting announcement came during a conference held at the Intercontinental Hotel Hefei.

NIO Day 2023 ( December 23 )

Save the date for December 23, 2023, as this year’s Nio Day is tentatively scheduled to take place in Xi’an. While specific product unveilings and technological surprises remain undisclosed, it promises to be an event worth attending.

Nio’s current lineup boasts a variety of models, including the ES8, ES6, ES7, ET5, ET7, EC7, and ET5 Touring, all built on the advanced NT 2.0 platform. The EC6 represents the final piece in Nio’s transition from the older NT 1.0 platform to the NT 2.0 platform.

Nio’s strategic focus centers on the high-end pure-play EV market, aiming to cater to the diverse needs of discerning customers in this segment. The introduction of Nio’s first smartphone is expected to enhance the competitiveness of Nio’s existing models.

The Nio Phone is anticipated to be a flagship Android-powered device, with the added appeal of serving as a reliable backup option for iPhone users, according to Nio’s founder and CEO, William Li.

In terms of connectivity, the phone is expected to offer an improved experience when paired with the latest NT 2.0-based vehicle models, providing access to innovative applications.

Regarding Nio Day 2023, it will be held in Xi’an, although specific product unveilings and technological surprises remain undisclosed. Nio management has indicated that, while there won’t be new product launches for the Nio brand next year, the company will continue its tradition of annual model updates.

Stay tuned for more updates as the official launch of the new EC6 draws closer, with additional images circulating online to heighten anticipation.

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